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"Reimagine Feasibility" I have taken many paths in my life and feel all were necessary to get me to this destination. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and small business people. What was passed down and in my DNA is the following: Treat everyone the same, fairly and with kindness. Work hard, it’s not worth it if it came easy. Be honest, even if the truth hurts. If you take care of people, the money takes care of itself.

I love stories, I love hearing about the struggles small business people have gone through to become a success. I love the fact that even if the story didn’t have a happy ending the entrepreneur attitude is “What’s Next?”. I’m all in on the American Dream and will jump in that fox hole with any small business owner to help them win the battle.

I’m dedicated to Western NY. I have lived in many places and in different countries, but Rochester is my home. I feel the people and the quality of life here are second to none. Not only in business but when I volunteer it has been around economic development in Western NY. For us to succeed here not only Rochester but our sister cities of Buffalo and Syracuse need to prosper. When all three are healthy we can not be stopped.

That is why I’m so excited to bring Lendio to the Rochester. Lendio offers many diverse lending products that local banks cannot. What we do is “Fuel the American Dream” by providing financing to start or expand a business, help you with some gap funding when things are slow, and if some downturn or tragedy strikes we are there with money to get you back on your feet. The ability to work with small businesses and help Western NY is my dream job.

RJ Muto

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